in the kitchen. circa 2022

If you stumbled on this newsletter with no context, my name is Tyler Bainbridge and I started a “recommendation” newsletter called Perfectly Imperfect with my friend Alex that’s featured everyone from Anna Delvey to John Wilson and Charli XCX.

I’m challenging myself to share a short recommendation on this newsletter every day for all of 2023.

Will it drive me insane? Can I actually make a worthwhile rec every day? Will I make it the whole year? Will it reveal too much about me? I’m not sure, but we’ll find out.

This is partially inspired by Caveh Zahedi’s daily experiments such as “365 Stories I Want To Tell You Before We Both Die”, his bare-all public journal newsletter, and his latest, “365 Days Or However Long It Takes Before It Destroys All My Relationships”.

Being inspired by Caveh seems a bit dangerous.

Hopefully it doesn’t ruin my life.

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